Resilient Rubber Surfacing!
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Resilient Tiles
Tile project

QuaBoing Tiles provide a cushioned surface for play areas as well as an aesthetically pleasing, low-maintenance solution for landscape applications. QuaBoing is not tire rubber. The product is made from all-new rubber material and is ideal for applications requiring resilience and durability, such as walkways, access points, and high-traffic areas.

QuaBoing Tiles have been certified compliant with ADA standards for wheelchair accessibility. The tiles measure two feet square and are two inches thick with a cone-shaped pattern on the bottom that provides both air space and resilience. They are easily installed using conventional landscaping and construction techniques.

Resilient Tils
  • Resilient Surface
  • Ideal for Access Points and Pathways
  • Does Not Contain Harmful Debris
  • Durable, Long Lasting & Low Maintenance
  • Made with Pride in the USA
  • paths and walkways
  • patios
  • play yards and swing sets
Commercial & Industrial
  • walkways and access points
  • fatigue matting
  • high-traffic areas
  • break areas
  • colleges and universities
  • private schools
  • public schools
  • camps
  • day care centers
  • places of worship
  • hospitals and nursing facilities
  • public playgrounds
  • city or town pools
  • public parks
  • basketball courts
  • school yards
  • skating rinks
  • municipal offices
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